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Having nuclear weapons proves that we are not eunuch men."

These are the words of a high-ranking official of a country that has conducted nuclear tests.

Nuclear weapons are still being made in male-centered societies, and

gender norms are reproduced through the threat of nuclear weapons.


And the damage related to nuclear weapons has been disproportionately inflicted on women and minorities in physical, cultural, and social contexts, and their voices have been deprived.

When we learned this fact, the issue of nuclear weapons became for us not only an issue of security and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also a gender issue.


In order for everyone to encounter the "word" of wanting to eliminate nuclear weapons, a gender perspective is needed now more than ever. That is why we launched GeNuine.


A society based on someone else's sacrifice is a society in which "we" may eventually become victims.

GeNuine provides a path toward a world without nuclear weapons, where "no one is left behind" by connecting people regardless of gender, region, social status, time, or financial constraints.


By making visible voices that have been spilling over and presenting diverse gender perspectives,

We envision a world without nuclear weapons and structural violence.

And join us in celebrating the change that comes from taking action!

A world without nuclear weapons is a passage to a more liveable society


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